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10 Tips for Successful Selling at Westbank Fleamarket

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Westbank Fleamarket is a great opportunity to sell items you no longer use or items that you've created.


Set up your booth early on market days.
Get here at 7 am. Serious shoppers often like to arrive early. You need to be among the first in line to get a space near the entrance for vendors if you haven't already reserved your space online.


Build a customer base of your own by advertising your booth.
Start a page for your booth on Facebook,Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram. Build your Twitter following and tweet pics of your latest finds. Have a signup sheet so shoppers can provide their email address for your newsletter and announcements.


Accept credit cards if possible.
These days, you can do it via your smartphone even if the booth doesn't have electricity. The easier you make it for shoppers to buy, the more they're likely to spend, especially if you sell big-ticket items like furniture. Westbank Fleamarket can offer assistance, just ask us.

  Be patient with customers.
Don't kick a shopper out of your booth for rude or aggressive haggling, unless he's damaging the merchandise or running other shoppers off. It's possible that he's just new or awkward at negotiating.

  Be friendly to shoppers.
Smile and say hello when people come to your booth, but don't try to sell. Mirror the customer. If the customer is chatty, then chat. Otherwise, be available when they need you, but don't bug them.

  Be prepared to haggle with shoppers.
It's part of the flea market experience.

  We recommend a pop-up tent canopy for open-air sellers.
If you don't have one, we rent these at Westbank Fleamarket for a few dollars a day. It differentiates your booth visually from those on either side and makes it seem more festive. And, on hot days, both you and your shoppers will appreciate the shade.

  Merchandise your space.
Though some shoppers don't mind digging, so, why not dress up your space and help shoppers easily find what you are selling.

  Add prices to your merchandise.
Shoppers don't want to ask you for prices on every single item that catches their eye. And some shoppers may suspect you're tailoring the price to the amount you think they can afford — especially if you actually are.

  Avoid using a money box.
Unless you have a designated cashier, your box may be unattended at some point during the day. If you have no designated cashier, a fanny pack or apron with large pockets will identify you.
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